Sunday, February 26, 2012

View from the kitchen

A view from the Kitchen to the front room shows the beautiful refinished hardwood floors

Upstairs sitting room

Just off the turret, you will find this comfortable sitting room -- a free roaming area for the cats, volunteers, and potential adopters, to lounge and enjoy the view out the upstairs window.

Front Room

Fireplace detail

the library

under the glass top, is a historic map of Wyandotte

Cats and humans alike enjoy a comfy seat by the fire with friends


the two staircases (one in the front and one in the back of the house) were both refinished to be brought up to code. Above, a kitty enjoys her view from the top stair.

The Turret

The Turret is perfect for those cat naps in the sun!

Tiddlywink Room

With fresh new paint, and refinished floors, The Tiddlywink Room is still under construction, awaiting its final adornments and decorations. 

Layover Room

The Layover Room is in its final stage of completion. Here, you will see some of the vintage accessories giving the room plenty of character.