Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weathered Beauty~ First Introductions

266 Oak.  This house has seen so much history, so many changes and owners and dreams and desires throughout its history; now it is animal rescue group Shelter to Home's turn to make its own home here among its many rooms.

Shelter to Home has a mission: to save the lives of those animals who most need representation, the ones in cages at local shelters that are forgotten about, and euthanized without a chance.  Shelter to Home fosters these animals in their homes, until they find their own loving, permanent homes.  This old Victorian will play an important part in this mission, as a comfortable, friendly, non-intimidating Pet Adoption Center for these cats.

But first, work on the house has to be done.  This old girl needs some fresh paint, some additions and changes to make the house work for the purpose, and volunteers put in long hours painting, sanding, trimming, planning, cutting, sawing, and dreaming of the day that the house will be open and ready for business.  The ultimate goal?  An adoption center that would house roughly 15-20 cats at a time, a place where people and families could interact freely and comfortably with the adoptable cats, get to know them in a setting much like their own homes where the cats can flop and roll for attention at their feet, climb into their laps, play around and sit in windows.  Perhaps there will be a nursery, with a mother cat and her kittens.  Or maybe a room for seniors. who would prefer not to be around the jumping and playing of those young whippersnappers.  Or maybe just a room for the cat who would prefer to be an only cat.  The sky is the limit for these cats!

This does not eliminate the need for fosters- in fact, more are needed! The more fosters, the more cats that can be rescued from pounds and shelters, that can be cycled through the adoption center to meet their future families.  If you live in the Detroit Metro area and would like to be a foster, please check out our application.


  1. Love it!

    Now: are you looking for volunteers to help with rehabbing the house? If so, on what schedule? What skills/equipment do you need? Where could one sign up to volunteer?

  2. A: We are always welcoming volunteers to see what they can do to help shrink the "to do" list. Currently, there is lots of prepping/priming/painting, there is outside garden work, pulling up of carpet, etc...just to name a few! Email us at and let us know what days are good for you and we can let you know if we are there. Starting next week it will be some evening and weekends. Thanks for your offer!



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